Go read this profile of the trader whose huge bet on GameStop moved the entire market


GameStop Pares Rally To Double Digits As Retail Traders Pile In

The markets are not okay. If you’ve paid any attention to internet chatter this week, you’ve probably seen the names RoaringKitty or DeepFuckingValue — the bullish trader behind the recent GameStop stock phenomenon who’s inspired millions of retail investors to get behind his bet, which has nearly bankrupted at least one hedge fund. Until recently, the person behind the handles has been something of a mystery; they post their balance sheet with their millions in gains and losses on Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets forum, but that’s all there’s been to go on. Today, however, The Wall Street Journal catches up with the 34-year-old behind the sensation: his name is Keith Gill, and he’s a father and certified financial analyst who lives in…

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