Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 leaks out with ‘3D motion detection’


Amazon’s Ring has so many different video doorbells in the market it’s getting hard to keep track, but one of them is apparently about to get a big bump with some brand-new features: The Ring Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Pro 2 has just leaked in a listing at Best Buy Canada, as spotted by ZatzNotFunny.

It appears to be a direct successor to the high-end Ring Video Doorbell Pro at the same CA$325 (roughly $250 US dollars), but also the first Ring to stream video resolution at higher than 1080p, with a 1536p “expanded Head to Toe view” that “allows you to clearly see who is at your door.” That means Amazon’s catching up to the field-of-view and resolution that Arlo’s Video Doorbell introduced in late 2019.

As a Ring Video Doorbell Pro owner…

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